You Will Lose Weight

Our plan is global & effective for persons anywhere in the world.

Options Weight Loss Clinic
 is based in Toronto, Canada and treats patients worldwide using the gastric balloon procedure. Allowed by the simplicity of the gastric balloon, we can effectively monitor patients internationally.

Balloon and Dietary Support

Our Life-Style Management & Behavior Modification Training Is Fun

Our unique and proprietary diet and life-style coaching methodology includes in-person service delivery; video counseling; group counseling; experience sharing and learning; video conferencing; and SMS/E-Mail support. The program is intense for six months but lasts a year. This is a safe and lasting way to lose weight. You will finally feel comfortable and happy eating a sensible, normal diet. After six months we continue to follow your progress and support you when needed with additional counseling up to 12 months from start.

* Not everyone is a candidate for the gastric Balloon. We offer "Options".
* We may begin counseling/coaching prior to insertion of your balloon.
* Every patient's weight loss needs will be evaluated individually.

We will help you change your lifestyle safely. You will learn an easier self-discipline that is rewarding, exciting and stimulating. You will learn some new ways of thinking about lifestyle; behavior triggers; diet; and you will have an opportunity to try a unique Canadian dietary supplement. Additionally you will be able to share experiences and support with and from other patients.

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